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    WalletMobile unfortunately and glasses. Lastly what is next for Affan the actor? Search this site. Hidden categories: Now i am very comfortable! Because of his father's military career, the family moved a lot and he grew up in different affan waheed GujranwalaIslamabad and Sargodhaand they eventually ended up settling in Lahore. PIA offloads 37 passengers after woman mistakenly opens emergency exit. My drawing skills were exceptional with all the meticulous details. However, affan waheed, Affan had a lot of artistic talent and thankfully his father helped to foster it and even affan waheed him to apply to NCA. Acting was quite an accident waiting to happen to me. Wrong Number 2 takes the lead at the box office. Any character of yours that you love even today and why?
Affan Waheed - In Conversation - Part II - Do Bol - Rewind With Samina Peerzada
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    Affan Waheed Opened Up About His ‘Messy' Divorce For The Very First Time

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    Likely. Most affan waheed come forumAlso one of the most friendly actors in the industry and whose fame shows no sign of declining, we caught up with the multi talented star for a fun rapid fire round where he candidly replied to these 15 questions. With a fantastic performance in dramas like Ilteja , Khamoshi and Baydardi which took up the tough issue of HIV as its theme, the drama gained immense popularity. The last thing I would want is to walk into a restaurant and be spotted by people. Affan Waheed. Low levels vitamin D and thyroid imbalance linked with depression? Wallet , Mobile unfortunately and glasses. More Recent Stories. Affan was a radio jockey for the longest time when someone offered him a TV project ,Uncertain and bemused ,He spoke to His parents about it who were very conducive with the idea.



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