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    Level — DEEP casino 4 pics 1 word 47 A woman takes a deep breath, a deep blue ocean, a blue starry sky, a deep blue sea. Level — BREEZE — wind mills, woman on beach facing the ocean with arms outstretched, clothes drying on a clothesline, little girl in a field with her hair blown back. Level — HOOD — a woman in a hoody and shades, a mechanic looks under roof of a car, casino 4 pics 1 word 47, a man in a hoody, a dog in a hoody. Level — ICON — Mother Mary praying, a woman with her white dress blown up, emotion indicators, internet language signs. Level — MAID — woman makes the bed, woman holds vacuum cleaner, a woman cleans, placing an orange flower on a bed. Comment Reply Report. Level — CHEER — girls out partying, 2 cheer leaders, men watches soccer game, casino 4 pics 1 word 47, woman jumps for joy. Level — HOLE — a woman flicks her golf ball, broken rear wind shield, a man matches orange cube with square slot, drilling through a plank of wood. Level — DECLINE — woman holds up both her arms in front of her, a woman covers her eyes and pushes plate away, a woman holds up one arm in front of her, arrow declines drops and hits the ground. Level — SCARED — Cartoon character scared, person with red glasses ducks hides behind and under table, a woman is scared, man is sinking in white paper. Level — BUCKET — a reddish-pink bucket of apples, a bucket with ice and a bottle of wine, a pail of yellow paint, spilled buckets of buttons. Level — BAR — Gold bars, chocolate, girls night out at a bar, bar tender.
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    casino 4 pics 1 word 47

    4 Pics 1 Word Answers 6 Letters Pt 17

    Casino 4 pics 1 word 47 apologise

    ЗнакомстваLevel — SORE — woman with a headache, person with sore left knee, person with lower sore back left , woman in blue itches left arm. Level — GLASS — Pouring a glass of water from a glass pitcher, a scientist and this flasks, cleaning the wind shield, glass windows of a building. Thank you. Level — CURSE — voodoo doll, ware wolf, a curse in a speech bubble, a woman does black magic voodoo. Level 58 — LIGHT — Daylight shines through a tree, a light black and white picture, 2 light bulbs, sun light shines on a woman. Level — CUT — Girl getting a hair cut, prepping in the kitchen, sawing wood, girl with a Band-Aid on her index finger tip. Hi there, a roulet game , a guy in front of the vegas sign , 4 ace cards and a slot machine? But is arena. Level — DEAL — Two people shaking hands, someone is shuffling, a man on the phone with his thumbs up, a giant key is being handed over a home.



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