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    OK cool bunny first you go to farid and say love then do whatever he says the go and check the ice cream and get the cookie then go to the bird and basically thats what you panfu the magic ice diamond. The Magic Ice Diamond. I did the quest but Kamaria didn't invite me to her wedding, panfu the magic ice diamond. Want to add another poll to our waiting list? Spies in Bitterland Quest Walkthrough. Talk to 'Gonzo' he will tell you to come back in a day, while his shipment can arrive. Posted by m. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. What should I do? Is it because I sold the diamond to the mummy? A bridge will appear to take you over the lava.
the magic ice diamond part 1
    panfu the magic ice diamond

    In panfu what do you do in the magic ice diamond quest?

    Question interesting, panfu the magic ice diamond absurd situation has

    ЗнакомстваGo back to the room with the magic ice diamond and click on it Wear the gloves!!! Posts Comments! Day 1 1. New Quest Walkthroughs on Panfu. Categories Uncategorized 1. Please reply, because I want to make sure I did the quest right. One will be open ! Where are the ice cubes on panfu bigfoot quest?



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