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    Retrieved 30 May It almost always costs more for talk and data than other options. Let me rephrase, technology will probably be complicated, but switching between networks and band frequencies will not. Larson on Going wireless in Europe: Orange S. Telenor Formerly Globul. Orange Formerly Dialog. Retrieved 9 October The United Wireless carriers in europe, on the other hand, has two main networks. Budget Travel Newsletter The best travel tips sent straight to your inbox. That simplifies manufacturing fewer models to makebut it also means Verizon phones can also work on GSM frequencies "for free". One, you could get an unlocked world phone or two, you could extend your current plan to include international coverage, but only if your phone is compatible with overseas networks.
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    Jul 13, Long Answer: Some carriers in the US use a different wireless technology than what is used throughout all of Europe — which means that. Many North American cell phones simply will not work in Europe. In the US, AT&T and T-Mobile USA are the only major cellular phone carriers that use the same. Aug 8, In order to understand why your smartphone won t work in Europe, you have to Some carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile use the GSM network;.
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